Is SwiftKey X Beta the best Android keyboard around .. I think so.

A couple of days ago I installed the new Beta of Switkey keyboard on my HTC Desire Android phone and must say I am impressed with it.  It is now called Switchkey X (assume the X is for next generation).  Here is a screenshot of the keyboard using Tweetdeck (my other favourite Android app).

What I like about this keyboard is that it looks at your Facebook, Twitter and gMail and learn your language style.  Although I started off with US English, it quickly adapted to my style of language including all the Afrikaans words I am using.

Here is an article on Android and Me that have a writeup on it. Also this Youtube video gives a very good introduction to it:

The app is currently in beta so it is free in the Android Market.  When it moves out of beta and become a paid app then I will definitely buy it.

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  1. You should give SlideIT a try as well. Its the only keyboard that actually comes with an Afrikaans language pack. Its R30 or thereabout but there’s 15-day trial so you can give it a test drive.

    Full version:
    Afrikaans plugin:

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  3. enrique131 says:

    In my opinion, there is better keyboard than swype. Is far better than swfitkey and slideIt which i have in paid version. But once you spent 1week with swype and fully understand how it works there is no possible argument about it.

  4. enrique131 says:

    “there is no better keyboard than swype” is what i meant to write

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