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June 2010

MTN Shop (Wollowbridge) customer service shocking – refuce to replace faulty HTC Desire SD Card #MTN #HTC

I have a HTC Desire with a faulty SD Card.  This morning I went to the MTN Shop in Willowbridge, where I got the phone less than a month ago, to have the SD Card replaced.  I was amazed at the shocking service that I received.  First they wanted me to buy a new SD […]

HTC Desire — SD Card saving/writing problems part 2.

In a previous post I mentioned that my HTC Desire has intermittent problems writing to the SD Card. From my Googling and reading I tried the following without any success.  One suggestion was to switch off the Automatic Backup to SD Card which I did.  No luck. Another suggestion seems to be that running Task […]

Twitter Location — Firefox more accurate than Google Chrome

I notice this morning when I viewed Twitter via the browser interface it had an Add Location just under the Tweet/Update input box.  I added my location in both Firefox and Google Chrome and Firefox was more accurate about it.  I assume it is either using IP addresses or more likely my Wireless on my […]

HTC Desire — problems writing to SD Card — #HTC

As mentioned in a previous blog post I have ordered a HTC Desire and have received it a couple of weeks ago. The HTC Desire is a great phone and I am very happy with it except for one minor issue I have with it.  There is a intermittent problem writing to the SD Card.  […]

Upgrade to WordPress 3

This blog was just upgraded to WordPress 3.0 .. if you see anything funny and not behaving like it should be then please let me know.