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PHP upgrade on Dreamhost

Short post to verify and check that all went correctly in upgrading PHP from version 5.5 to PHP version 5.6. All looks fine and all seem to be working, please comment if you see anything weird.

Review: Dreamhost as a webhost – excellent experience and the best hosting I found.

I do not often promote a service but decide that one is worth promoting. I have been a Dreamhost customer for the past 3 year and have not had any bad experience yet. In fact the experience has been excelent so far.   I have been using webhosting companies for the past 10 years or […]


Signed up to Dreamhost with their 2 year special a couple of days ago.  In the 3 days since I have been with them the site was down for 2 of those days.  Now luckily this is not a production environment otherwise it would have been catastrophic. I was never a fan of Dreamhost and […]

New Blog and First Entry

Dreamhost had this special where one gets 2 years hosting for about R200.00 so I signed up mainly to play around with Subversion and put up a new blog writing about technical things like Linux, Ubuntu, Dreamhost, Subversion, PHP etc. I have another blog called Famous last word of Marius where I mainly post photos […]