Bitcoin and Crypto Journey – layman’s experience.

With Bitcoin  currently trading at around $7200.00, that is around R102000.00, I want to give you, the reader a view of my experiences.  I am what they call a HODL. ie I am a holder of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies and not a trader at all.

I will try to give you an overview of my journey up to now, what I use and how I obtain my crypto currencies.  Items I will cover over the next couple of posts are as follows:

  • Explanation of what things mean and what impact it may have or not have.  Now that Segwit2X is a non-event (was withdrawn/cancelled yesterday – a good thing in my opinion), I do not have to cover that but will talk about forks and hard forks in particularly.  There is the Bitcoin Cash fork and I will cover how to claim your coins if you have not done so.  Then there is the Bitcoin Gold fork that is happening at the moment, will give my view on it and also if and when claiming of your Bitcoin Gold coins open, I will explain how to go about it.
  • I will talk about how important it is to have control of your own private keys and not to leave your coins in the cloud or a web based wallet where you do not control your keys.
  • I will talk about wallets, what my views are and what I use.
  • Opinion about what is happening in the crypto world, my interpretation of it and if any impact there is on us as South Africans in particular.
  •  Best sources to use for information and where I get my information to keep up to date.
  • How to buy crypto in South Africa and to get the best possible price.
  • I will also be open about my investment so you can see that what I am talking about is possible and with patience you can also accumulate and own crypto.
  • I will show examples of how I keep track of my investments.
  • Any other subject that comes up in the fast changing world of cryptocurrencies.

Feel free to comment particularly if you have questions or want something specific you want me to cover.

Last comment and I am making it bold, do not invest hard earned money that you are not prepared to loose.  The crypto market is very volatile with lots of risk which mean you can easily loose but at the same time you cab have massive gains — like mine that are at the moment over 500%

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