Google Pixel and Pixel-XL, but will we get it in South Africa?

google pixel pixel-xl south africaOn 4 October, Google announced their new Google branded cellphone called Google Pixel and Google Pixel-XL.  The hardware for these phones are made by HTC.  HTC has always made good phones and I like the build quality of their phones but they are not that good at marketing so the relationship with Google will be a good one.

The question now arises whether we will be seeing this phone in South Africa.  The only way to get it in South Africa is either via one of the mobile operators since buying it from the Google Play Store in South Africa is not an option.

I have looked around on some of the online stores in South Africa but have not come across anywhere where it can be pre-ordered.

As an Android user and somebody that will not switch to iPhone, I would like to get either the Pixel or preferable the Pixel-XL since I live on my phone and like the bigger one.  Also I am a avid hiker, see my Hiking site, both the Pixel and Pixel-XL has great cameras and would come in very handy when hiking.


The 3 colors that will be available for the Google Pixel and Pixel-XL phones.  I am leaning toward the blue one, lets have a bit of color in our lives.

Would love to hear what you think so leave a comment below.

4 Responses to “Google Pixel and Pixel-XL, but will we get it in South Africa?”

  1. Dzivhu says:

    Please tell me if you get a pre-order site. I also refuse to use apple. This looks like the best android phone yet

  2. admin says:

    Have not found one yet but am looking into the possibility of ordering via US Google Play and then ship to SA with Postbox Courier

  3. Niteowl360 says:

    The best bet will no doubt be via Orange. I doubt the SA networks will carry the device. They haven’t carried Nexus or the HTC 10.

  4. admin says:

    Will keep an eye out for it at Orange

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