Google Duo is available in South Africa

Google Duo is available in South AfricaUp until today, Google Duo was not available in South Africa from the Google Play store. The only way to install it was to side load the APK which you had to download from somewhere.  What you could do was to pre-register on the Google Play store to be informed when it will be available for installation.  This morning (19 August 2016) I woke up with a notification that Google Duo is available in South Africa and can be installed.

Head over to the Google Play store and install now.

For those that do not know what Google Duo is, it is a Video calling app that is basically the same as Apple Facetime on the iPhone except that Google Duo is cross platform so you can chat with your buddies that have both Android and iPhones.

So let me know in the comments below what you think about it.

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