[Update] Bitcoin: How long to accumulate 1 BTC by buying $20 per day?

I came across this tweet today which lets one think a bit.

[Update]: So my maths was totally wrong.  Updated below with the correct values

To put that into context. $20 per day for 2 years (802 days to be exact) will be around $16040 invested.  Using the 0.2% growth as per the tweet, the bitcoin price after 802 days would be $39640.  Some of you might disagree with that growth but just look what happened over the past year, then this is not so far fetched.

So although 2 years sounds a long time to accumulate that 1 BTC, it is still very much worth it.

If we assume that bitcoin price will be $39640 in 2 years then your investment of $16040 would have grown by 147% in 2 years.  In my books that is not bad going.

It does not matter how small you start, the moral of all this is to start.

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