Bitcoin – Sick and tired of hearing about crash

I am getting so sick and tired of hearing about how Bitcoin has crashed everytime it drops by a couple of hundred dollars.  Then every Tom, Dick and Harry has something to say and write about the death of Bitcoin  Well, Bitcoin has died at least 6 or 7 times and will probably die another who knows how many times.

When it rises a couple of hundred dollars, these neigh sayers is nowhere to be found and nobody is writing about the sudden resurrection of Bitcoin and how it stood up from its grave.

Today a year ago Bitcoin was at $2564.83, more than half of what it is today.  Yes, that is correct, we are more than 100% up from the same time last year.  Who in their right mind can complain about 100% growth in 1 year?

I am no financial adviser, so this is only my opinion and if you want some advice, then it is a good time to accumulated Bitcoin and below is some way to do it.

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