Review: Dreamhost as a webhost – excellent experience and the best hosting I found.

I do not often promote a service but decide that one is worth promoting. I have been a Dreamhost customer for the past 3 year and have not had any bad experience yet. In fact the experience has been excelent so far.  

I have been using webhosting companies for the past 10 years or so and had dealt with a few,  One of my main requirments is hosting multiple domains since I do host domains for other people.  I ended up with Dreamhost abour 3 years ago after going through 2 or 3 other hosts that just did not come to the party when needed.  My first years hosting costed me something like $20 dollars and I just said that I had nothing to loose in trying them out.  It is now 3 years later and I have not looked back.  

I am a techie so like to play around with things and Dreamhost allows me to do it, whether it be with Shell access, a SVN server to do my version control or some fancy PHP stuff I am playing with.  There is just one thing missing, GIT, Dreamhost, can you add GIT Server to your offerings?

When one follows their blog or their Twitter feed then one is always informed about what it going on, what server is in trouble and what they doing about it.  Oh and I love their April fools jokes also.

This blog and my other personal blog is running on Dreamhost. I have also got a fair amount of other domains for friends and customers running on Dreamhost.  There is not many hosting companies out there that give you Unlimted domains, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL DB’s and Unlimited storage for only $8.95 per month. 

So if you in the market for a hosting company then I can highly recomment Dreamhost.  You will not be sorry and will never run out of capacity.

On the other hand if you just looking for somebody to host your blog and email on your own domain then contact me via the comments to this post.  I will get in contact with you and we can set something up.

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