MTN Shop (Wollowbridge) customer service shocking – refuce to replace faulty HTC Desire SD Card #MTN #HTC

I have a HTC Desire with a faulty SD Card.  This morning I went to the MTN Shop in Willowbridge, where I got the phone less than a month ago, to have the SD Card replaced.  I was amazed at the shocking service that I received. 

First they wanted me to buy a new SD Card to replace the faulty card that they supplied.  I just bluntly refuced since they supplied the phone to me with the faulty SD Card and it is a known HTC Desire problem – the cards that are supplied with the phone is inferior cards.  Then they claim that it is not their problem since they are only the middle man and I need to take it up with HTC.  I insisted that they supplied the phone to me and they need to ensure that it is in a 100% working condition. 

Then they said they can return the phone to HTC to get it fixed and that would take at least 10 days.  Remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the phone, it is only the SD Card that is faulty.  When I asked what they going to do for me since I will not have a phone when they send it back.  They just said that they not going to do anything.

These shops are quick to take one’s money and supply you with phones but after that there is absolute nothing they prepared to do if something is wrong and it is clearly their problem.  They have non-existing customer service.  Most of the time the people working behind the counters are rude and are just not interested in solving one’s problem.  It still amazes me that these shops make any money.

I know that there is maybe one or 2 shops that will go out of their way to keep their customers happy but the one in Willowbridge just does not care at all.  I suggest to whoever reads this to never do any business with that shop.     

So MTN and HTC (Leaf in South Africa), if you are reading here, what should I do to get my SD Card replaced?

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3 Responses to “MTN Shop (Wollowbridge) customer service shocking – refuce to replace faulty HTC Desire SD Card #MTN #HTC”

  1. Herman says:

    Yes shocking. Maybe another example of people hiding behind “processes” and not thinking along the line. What would have happened if your charger was broken. Would they had to send the whole phone back just for that? It is just silly.

  2. Neale says:

    I had the exact same issue with Vodacom. Techy said he’ll flash my phone to fix the card, guess what I told them?

    So I’ll deal with a broken card and rather buy myself a new one rather.

    What you can do is buy the exact same card from MTN (otherwise this might be unethical), go home and go back to the store the next day with the broken one and ask for you money back… the system screws you so screw it right back, that’s how I feel.

  3. admin says:

    I posted a tweet on Twitter about it and it got picked up by somebody in MTN who arranged for me to get a replacement card from one of the MTN Service Center.

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