Update on HTC Desite SD Card that loose write access

I have blogged about my problems with my HTC Desire SD Card here and here before.

I have managed to get another 4GB Sandisk SDHC card but the problem still persist.  I have tried the following:

  • Use the card as it was formatted when I received it .. just copied the data across from my old card to the new one.
  • Re-format the new card as FAT32 on a Linux workstation and copied the data across.
  • Re-format the new card as FAT on a Linux workstation and copied the data across.
  • Re-format the new card as EXT3 on a Linux workstation and copied the data across.  The strange thing here is that Android 2.1 does not even recognised the SD Card when it is formatted as EXT3.  This is weird since Android is Linux, all I can think is that support for EXT3 was not compiled into the Linux kernel that Android is using.
  • Re-format the card in the HTC Desire and the copied the data across.

None of the above made any difference.  After a while (this can be anything from 2-3 hours to 2 days) Android looses the ability to write to the SD Card.  Reading the SD Card is fine and otherwise the phone works perfectly.

I have read somewhere that the issue might be the use of HC (High Capacity) SD Card which is what both my cards are.  Some people claim that using a non-HC card solve the problem.  The main issues is that all non-HC cards is 2GB and smaller cards.  I will see if I can get my hands on a non-HC card. 

It is also claimed that the upgrade to Android 2.2 solves this problem.  There is a Android 2.2 ROM available for the HTC Desire but I think I will wait till the official one comes out from HTC.  I might change my mind should HTC take too long.  I do not know what Leaf (agent for HTC in South Africa) will do when it comes to upgrades.

The saga continues and will keep updates on this blog.

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8 Responses to “Update on HTC Desite SD Card that loose write access”

  1. Matt says:

    I’m seeing the same issue. Very annoying. Hoping I get a decent response from HTC this time.

  2. Paul Wright says:

    I’ve recently upgraded my Desire to Froyo and I’m having a similar problem. I’d previously seen it on Eclair and apparently fixed it by disabling the backups to the SD card (under the Privacy menu, which no longer appears on Froyo but can be found by enabling searching of the Settings). On Froyo I no longer get errors, I just find that apps which attempt to access the card fail (music players stop in the middle of a song, for example) and then after that the card is inaccessible. I’m thinking of getting another card just to check whether that fixes it, but I think HTC do have a problem here: there are multiple reports of this all over various phone forums.

  3. A couple of days ago I have upgraded my Desire from Eclair to Froyo. Because I have a branded phone I had to use the goldcard method to upgrade the phone. So now I have a hard reset phone and a new OS installed. My phone used to lose SD card access after one or two days, but now I have an uptime over 60 hours and still have SD card access.

    I hope this is helpful for anyone who reads this blog with the same issues!

    Regards, Thomas

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  5. superwallah says:


    I had the same issues with my Desire with Modaco Froyo ROM.
    After reboot, I had write access back again, but sometimes for only a few minutes.
    Finally, I backuped the two partitions of my SD card file by file to my desktop PC and restored them to another with the same partition sizes on it. Both were 4GB SDHC.

    The main difference: The first card was class 2, the second class 6.

    May the speed be the reason???

    Or is it, indeed, a defect card with corrupt sectors?

  6. HurlyBurly says:

    My desire had been working fine since I received it on Tuesday. I put my 8gb SD card from my Hero into it and it’s been working fine no problems. Had a couple of problems with Facebook Yesterday and decided to turn my phone on and off to see if that helped. When I did, it restarted saying my SD card is damaged and may need reformating. It says if I do this on the phone I will lose all my data. I went home and put the sd card into the sd drive thing I have and backed up all the data onto the computer and then put it back into the desire and reformated the card. It worked and I lost the odd photo or two, no big deal. Just now I’ve had the phone play up a bit, twitter wouldn’t load, google was not bringing message through, I turned the phone off and on again and it’s done the exact same thing again. Annoying much?

  7. I bought my dad a HTC Desire after reading all the rave reviews it’s gotten. Turns out he hates it and now he blames me! Lol

  8. admin says:

    Bet it is about the touch screen

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