Ubuntu, XBMC and Android — almost as good as .. well you know what :)

I have a desktop running Ubuntu 10.4 and the latest version of XBMC as my Media Centre.  It is used for all my Media requirements whether it is to watch Movies or some Series, looking at photographs or listening to my music collection.  Up until today I had to control it either via a mouse or a keyboard.

Well not anymore.  Today XBMC for Android was released and although it is still in beta, it works perfectly.  I installed the app on my HTC Desire, configiure XBMS to be controlled via HTTP and setup the XBMC Android app to control the desktop XBMC.  Install/setup instructions here if you’re looking for it.

Now I have a remote in my hand to control all the parts of XBMC and I can sit wherever I want and watch to my hearts content.  This must be one of the greatest apps around.  So if you have an Android phone and XBMC (can be any XBMC, not necessary Ubuntu) then do yourself the favour and try it out.  You will never use the keyboard and mouse again to control XBMC.

Oh just in case you want to know.  XBMC for Android communicates to your XBMC instance via WiFi so no need for Bluetooth, Infrared and anything else.

Off to go watch some more ……

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