Froyo (Android 2.2) for HTC Desire but when in SA – also how to manually upgrade.

Coming week HTC will start to roll out Froyo (Android 2.2) to some users in Europe. Just to give you an idea what is new in Froyo:

  • 720p video recording
  • iTunes syncing via HTC’s Sync software — this is for all you Windows guys/gals out there
  • The “AppShare” widget that came on the Wildfire
  • Smart CallerID

In South Africa HTC devices are distributed by Leaf so the question arises, when will us HTC Desire owners see the rollout of Froyo here in South Africa. I just had a look at the Leaf website and to be honest, what a waste of time.  Over the past week I tried to get some answers out of Leaf and that was even a bigger waste of time.

If one looks at the upgrade for HTC Hero (from Android 1.6 to Android 2.1) by Leaf then I am not very hopeful that we will see anything soon.

I know that HTC sometime make the update pack available on their site for manual download and upgrade. Here is a way to manually upgrade as soon as that pack becomes available. Unfortunately that download was pulled by HTC but I am sure it will become available again as soon as the OTA upgrade starts in Europe.  You do not need to root you’re phone to use this upgrade.  It is the official HTC update with Sense in it.

So lets see what the coming week bring’s and Roy, do not check your update every couple of minute – you going to workout that button ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Roy Blumenthal says:

    Ah! Sanity! Thanks for the post, Marius! And heck… my last check for the update last night was at 1.26am. My first check this morning was at 6.49am. It’s now 8.05am, and I’ve managed to hold myself back. I’ve only checked three more times since waking.

  2. admin says:

    I have refrained from checking .. I just hope the download link becomes available soon again so I can do it manually. You can get the download from XDA-developers but I have also seen a tweet from HTC that the file that was available for a while is not the final final update that will come later this week to European users.

  3. The OTA update is now showing up on my device. Unfortunately I’m not at home or near a hotspot. ๐Ÿ™

  4. admin says:

    Graeme, just checked mine and it is not available … you in South Africa?

  5. Yup, I’m in Brackenfell. I’m on MTN, not sure if that even matters.

  6. Roy Blumenthal says:

    I’ve done some research.

    Don’t apply the update if and only if you would like to be able to root your phone later.

    Rather wait for a modified build from the hacker forums. This will be released fairly soon, I believe. Apparently applying the OTA build makes your phone immune to future rooting attempts.

    I may very well have misunderstood, cos this isn’t really my field.

  7. Roy Blumenthal says:

    Just checked my phone. No update available. I’m in Joburg.

  8. I haven’t done the research, but just based on the history of how these things go, it’s only unrootable until the guys over at figure out how to root it. In other words, it may well be unrootable using the current tools and knowledge but generally its only a matter of time.

  9. admin says:

    Graeme, also on MTN and in Bellville but I do not thinks that should make a diff. Think you just the lucky one so hopefully mine and Roy’s will be available soon.

    And yes the guys at xda will quickly find a way to root the phone not that I am actually into rooting it — found no need for it yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Roy Blumenthal says:

    Ah. So basically just do the upgrade when it becomes available, and deal with rooting issues layer. Cool. Thanks.

  11. Has this solved the SD card issues you mentioned in previous posts? I’m having the same issues, is it worth me debranding my phone so I can upgrade?

  12. admin says:

    Jake, I have not upgraded yet … but as soon as I have upgrade I will report back whether my SD problems has been solved.

  13. Alex says:

    had two custom roms installed (leedroid and opendesire, I think). Overall, mixed experience – fun to root your phone and install stuff on it, playing with the different launcher, getting Android feel etc. I thought the rom(s) chowed battery and are buggy in certain scenarios.

    I’ve restored back to 2.1 with Sense in the hope that the OTA update is already available to me. Still waiting…

  14. admin says:

    Alex, same here — still waiting. And seeing who got updates and who is still waiting, I cannot figure out how the OTA push is decided. I have heard of both MTN and Vodacom subscribers that have received the update via OTA.

  15. I also don’t see a pattern.

    A colleague at work has been checking daily, still not getting it. He’s also on MTN.

    I did my wife’s upgrade yesterday, also MTN. Out of the box, switched on, configured WiFi and downloaded the update.

    Very weird.

  16. admin says:

    Graeme, you’re and you’re Wife’s phones are MTN supplied phones on MTN contracts?

  17. Roy Blumenthal says:

    I’m on an MTN contract with a phone from them. Still no update.

    But I’ve decided to circumvent them. I rooted my phone last night using unrevoked. I’ve downloaded the radio rom and the rooted Froyo rom. Will install later.

  18. Yes, both supplied by MTN on MTN contracts.

  19. Yeah Right says:

    I suspect Graeme’s nick is Cueball? If so dont believe him – on the mybroadband forum Cueball had Official HTC 2.2 on his Desire in June.

    I am on MTN in the Western Cape, and nothing – like the rest of you!

    [edited a line out – admin]

  20. admin says:

    Actually there is more than one person that have received upgrade via OTA .. it is definitely available to some people in SA

  21. Roy Blumenthal says:

    Just noticed that your technorati tag needs editing. Says ‘desite’ instead of ‘desire’.

  22. admin says:

    Thanks Roy, fixed

  23. Yeah Right says:

    Still think Graeme is Cueball

  24. Yes, I am cueball on the mybb forums.

    I only got my Desire in mid-July, I’m curious as to where you supposedly saw me claim to have got the update in June.

  25. Yeah Right says:

    Where is mine DAMIT

  26. Izak van der Merwe says:

    Bought my HTC desire Silver from last week and as soon as I got it gave me the option to go to 2.2 about a 90mb download a reboot and there ya go!
    Awesome phone so far, just waiting for the rooting instructions for 2.2 as I really need to edit the bravo-keypad file so I can use any button to show the unlock screen as I am not liking the pressing the power button all the time ๐Ÿ™

    Anyways hope you guys get your upgrades soon.

  27. admin says:

    I get the feeling that unlocked devices like Izak’s one gets the update before those that are from the Network Providers like MTN. Still waiting ……..

  28. Yeah Right says:

    Spoke to HTC (SA) today, apparently the issue relates to the networks wanting to charge for the data – there is no local link to the OTA.

    Google on the other hand want it to be FOTA but dont have the service mirrored locally. Apparently Google are talking to HTC about a local mirror site for the download – 2 weeks.

    Also, according to HTC the download is 160MB not sure if the additional 70MB is for SENSE?

  29. admin says:

    Networks wanting to charge for data should not be an issue since most if not all will do the upgrade over WIFI ..

  30. Tadaaaaa! I just did the upgrade myself, using a rooted XDA rom, and updated radio rom.

    Nothing much different as far as I can SEE. But happy to have the upgrade.

    Here’s a link to the ROM I used:


    Blue skies

  31. Ernest Keller says:

    Hi guys,

    Spoke to Leaf help desk on Monday & they confirmed that the OTA is rolling out in SA. They are apparently working in sequence of serial numbers – with ‘lower’ serial numbers getting the update first (eg HT00… first, then HT01… , etc.).

    Looking forward, though. I read on the net that it’s a good one.


  32. Mine was available on Sunday, SN HT06EPL……

    Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. admin says:

    Thanks Ernest, good to know. Hope the wait is not to long till they get to mine which is HT04…

  34. OK a colleague’s Desire also has an HT04… serial number, no update for him either. He’s on an MTN contract with an MTN-supplied handset the same as me. The plot thickens. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Mine is also HT04. And by lunchtime today, still no OTA. But I’m very happy with the rooted version. Works perfectly. No discernible surface differences to 2.1. But quite a lot different under the hood.

  36. admin says:

    Here is a article from mybb – – where Leaf explains the situation re Android upgrades. Will post an update post later today on the issue.

  37. […] RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginHere is an update on my earlier post. Leaf, the distributors of HTC phones in South Africa has clarified the situation regarding Android […]

  38. Pieter says:

    Hmmm. Serial:HT05NP…. still nothing.

  39. Jon says:

    Have HT04 ….. on MTN still nothing!!!

  40. Ernesr Keller says:

    Well, now I just don’t know what to think. I’m on Cell-C with serial number starting with HT04, so I again phoned Leaf’s Helpdesk. According to the agent, they’re rolling out by MEI numbers.

    Don’t know what to believe anymore – he just said that I should be patient as the update is rolling out.

    Anyway, just thought I’d let you guys know…

  41. Terence says:

    I am so confused. I am trying to get 2.2 on my phone but I un able to. what is the “root” version and how does it work

  42. Gareth says:

    Has anyone found a good protective sleave/cover for the HTC Desire yet if so what and where? G

  43. yeah right says:

    I would highly recommend a cover, I’ve dropped my Desire 3X twice smashing my screen. HTC charged me about R900 a time + courier costs!
    I found the Body Glove case R 149. An external cover protecting the back, sides with a separate screen cover, works well, doesn’t look too bad.

  44. Izak says:

    Also bought that but too hard to press the volume up-down and Power buttons so chucked it!
    Screen cover well worth it though!

  45. Roy Blumenthal says:

    Hiya… A week or so after I bought my Desire, I schlepped out to the LEAF shop. It’s off William Nichol and Witkoppen. It’s in a shopping centre somewhere behind Fourways Mall. Check their website for better directions. I bought a gel case from them for around R150. Protects the sides and back, leaving the screen unencumbered. I’m happy with it, even though it’s a dull purple, and pretty boring. Makes the phone easy to hold.

  46. Gareth says:

    Thanks for the feedback – 1st drop yesterday! Found an HTC original hardcase online at expansys for R140. Amazing phone waiting for 2.2!

  47. Yeah Right says:

    I have the official HTC (SA) Rom Update application on my PC, 165MB, 10min and youre done !!

  48. gareth says:

    So how do you get hold of that update – I am using a Mac?

  49. Yeah Right says:

    Easy, you bring me your phone with a case of Heineken, and I’ll do it for you.

  50. Ernest Keller says:

    Hi, I would like that update too! Any place where I could download it from? (PLEASE!!!)

  51. Yeah Right says:

    Sorry, mate! I got this from an inside contact at Leaf (NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION). But if you go to Leaf in JHB they will do it for you. I am in Cape Town, and Ill do it for a case of Heineken.

  52. Ernest Keller says:

    Thanks – had to try ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Lesley says:

    HT 07, and still nothing, any feedback guys?

  54. No way, Lesley! If you haven’t gotten your upgrade yet, then either something’s wrong, and you need to take your phone in, or, your phone is an old Android device that can’t be upgraded to Froyo.

    What phone do you have?

    And have you considered rooting it and doing a manual install of a custom rom? (I’ve done that to mine, and I’m happy.)

    Now… Where’s GINGERBREAD and HONEYCOMB???

  55. admin says:

    Roy/Lesley .. OTA upgrade is still not available in SA .. If you look at my later blog entries re my Open Letter to HTC you will see their lame excuses.

    Rooting and installing custom ROM is the way to go.

  56. STILL NOT???????????????????????????????????????

    Yeow! These people are shockers! Gingerbread is releasing in a week! And Froyo isn’t even in South Africa yet??? Jeeeez.

  57. Richard says:

    Just got a patch last night which seemed to fix some stuff….. and then when everything was back up again I could do the full upgrade to 2.2…..

    Try the manual upgrade it may work now.

  58. Pieter says:

    Couldn’t wait any more, rooted desire.

    Won’t go back 512Mbyte where apps sit freeing device memory, can select fake country opening all paid for apps.
    Full Rom backup

  59. Roy Blumenthal says:

    Hi Pieter…

    Have you figured out how to actually *buy* stuff from the apps market?

    I’ve downloaded Market Access, which is great for showing me what I’m missing. But I can’t buy anything, cos South Africa isn’t an option in the credit card details section.

    How do we pay???

    Blue skies

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