Update on Froyo (Android 2.2) availability for HTC Desire in South Africa.

Here is an update on my earlier post. Leaf, the distributors of HTC phones in South Africa has clarified the situation regarding Android updates in South Africa.  I quote from a article that appeared on MyBroadband:

To make zero-rated firmware OTA (FOTA) possible the operators need to agree to it and the required infrastructure needs to be put in place. Leigh explained that Leaf had already met with all the operators and that the system’s deployment is held up only by the zero-rating agreements and setup of local servers to host the updates.

“We’re a couple of months behind in South Africa, but it is coming,” Leigh said. He added that getting all the agreements and servers in place would be a 2-4 week process.

When asked about those people that did received the update, this was the answer:

There have been numerous reports from South African HTC Desire users receiving an update to Android 2.2 “Froyo” over the weekend and early this week.

Leigh said that this would only be possible for users who didn’t purchase their phones in South Africa. There are users that were able to update their phones that assert that they obtained their phones through operators such as Vodacom and MTN, however.

If these reports are accurate it could suggest that the FOTA systems were being tested during the times that the updates were available or that some devices sold by operators point at international update servers.

This all seems very feasible but I do not like that Leaf nake assumptions on my behalve.  What if I can update my phone via WIFI and have the bandwidth available?  Let me decide when and how I want to receive the OTA.  It is good that they try to get the update zero-rated but I should be given the option to do it now even if there is a cost involved and I am prepared to pay for it.

So it looks like us with network (MTN, Vodacom) supplied phones will still have to wait a while.

Yes, I know I can load an updated ROM like some has done.

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65 Responses to “Update on Froyo (Android 2.2) availability for HTC Desire in South Africa.”

  1. Retief says:

    I agree that Leaf should not make assumptions on my behalf. Owning an Android phone means that I know I have a phone with high data usage and I manage a lot of that at home through my wifi connections. Please just get us upgraded ASAP!

  2. Thanks for this update. I really don’t like having to wait for Leaf to push these updates through. I thought Android would allow for more accessible updates over the air via the Internet.

  3. admin says:

    If you asked me the problem we have in SA is not Android or HTC for that matter but the way Leaf wants to control everything. I should be able do upgrade/update via WIFI and not depend on Leaf or the Network operators to interfere. I can do that with each and every app in the Android Market, why not updates to Android itself.

  4. Andre says:

    I simply downloaded the OTA patch and applied it to my Desire. Not waiting for Leaf or MTN to wake up and smell the roses

  5. angD says:

    does the ota patch void the phones warranty in any way, and if not, where do I get it. honestly leaf is irritating

  6. Retief says:

    It seems that all that is needed is a bit of patience! This morning, when I did a “Menu -> Settings -> About Phone -> System software updated -> Check now” I received a message telling me that I can upgrade. An option was given to select whether the upgrade must take place using only my wifi network or a combination of wifi and 3G (which would obviously incur data charges). The download size was about 90Mb. The process worked very well, except that there was a problem with the starting of the Application Launcher. This left my phone in infinite loop trying vainly to start the Application Launcher, without which the phone is basically inoperable. The only way out of this was a factory reset which wiped all my data. This sounds very bad, but given the “every thing is also in the cloud” nature of the phone, was only a minor irritant. I lost the SMSs on the phone, which is not a major issue for me. I also had to re-install apps, which is very quick on the phone and also presented an opportunity to not install those apps that one does not use in any case. So, wait patiently, the OTA process seems to have started, but also take note that problems can occur.

  7. Leonard says:

    I just spoke to Leaf… The agent said their testing guys said the ROM will be available for download from their website in a week’s time.

    I haven’t heard any good things about Leaf yet, so I’m not sure whether they will own up to this promise. But lets see.

    When I asked him about the OTA update, he said they are still waiting for approval from the networks, however, he does not know why other people can update OTA here is RSA.

    So far… I am still eagerly waiting for the update, and my patience is running out…

  8. Ash says:

    This crap from Leaf is why I will never buy another HTC phone again.
    Why we put up with sub par service from a supplier is beyond me.

    Good luck Leaf, you just lost another customer..

  9. Andre says:

    If you need the file – send me an email – will place it on my server in the US for limited time on request only and provide you with the link. I’m not leaving it on there as I have a limited bandwidth allocation.

  10. Reinhard says:

    Can you please send that url link plz. 🙂

  11. admin says:

    Andre, think the link Reinhard is referring to is the for the file you mention. If you mail me the link then I will pass it onto him.

  12. Reinhard says:

    Thank You for your trouble! 🙂

  13. angD says:

    hi guys, so Im thinking of using Andre’s link too. would it void my warranty or anything detrimental to my phone. I know I sound melodramatic but Im paying quite a bit 4the phone as I’m sure you all are, and I don’t want to mess it up. I want froyo damn it, lol !

  14. admin says:

    AngD, I am not sure whether the file Andre has is the official update.zip file or an rooted ROM. If it is the official update.zip then I think it would do nothing to your warranty. Even with unrevoked rooted ROM’s you can reset your phone to the factory setting.

  15. andD says:

    oh ok, thanks, i understand. Lets see what he says.

  16. angD says:

    oh ok, thanks, i understand. Lets see what he says..

  17. Andre says:

    Hi guys,

    This is the real thing not a rooted ROM or anything like that.

    WARNING – do not apply this to a rooted ROM it will destroy your phone big time as far as I understand.

    I actually removed my 2.1 Rooted ROM, re flashed the backup of the original, and then applied the patch.

    So I am back to a stock standard Froyo 2.2 HTC WWE ROM.

    Look in [] I will leave it there till 18h00 on the 19th August.

  18. Reinhard says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Reinhard says:

    How do you install this?

  20. admin says:

    For all that want to manually install: see this URL – http://www.geekword.net/manually-install-froyo-htc-desire/

    Do not know whether the download from Andre is the same as the download on the page I listed above .. at least you have the instructions.

    I did not try this instructions so cannot claim or guarantee that they work — use at your own risk.

  21. Neale says:

    Like everyone here, I have been waiting for Leaf to release the Froyo update for the Desire. Last night I eventually gave up and installed the update manually and it’s ridiculously easy.

    Virtually no chance of bricking and you don’t even have to worry if you’re running version 1.15 or 1.21, it will update any version.

    I’ve seen the zip update version being used but by far the best way is to use the RUU, no complication, no fuss. You might just have to create a goldcard, here’s an app that will do this for you: http://www.klutsh.com/dlfiles/GoldCardTool-0.0.5.rar. You might need the Android SDK and .Net Framework 2.0.

    Here’s the RUU file: http://shipped-roms.com/shipped/Bravo/RUU_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.09.405.8_Radio_32.43.00.32U_5.09.00.20_release_140022_signed.exe the readme file comes with instructions. Basically plug your phone into the PC and run the exe. Simple!

  22. Andrew says:

    I’m loosing patience as well… thinking bout updating my phone manually thins weekend… Anymore news on the update from leaf thou? … thanks for the helpful links Neale.

    Just want to clarify if both versions have HTC Sense on them? … The roms that is..

  23. Neale says:

    Hey Andrew, basically both versions are in-effect the same thing. They’re just packaged differently. I find the exe is more “fool-proof” because it does version validation for your phone so there’s no way you can install the wrong rom onto your phone.

    Just a word of advice would be to download a backup app before you do the update. I used MyBackup which backed everything up for me, Apps as well. The only problem I’ve noticed with restoring the apps after the update is that the market doesn’t see those apps as being installed so doesn’t notify me of updates.

  24. Andrew says:

    Thanks so much for the reply. I update my phone this weekend and being the first update i have done i was really impressed with how simple and quick it was. I used the zip versions and i’m really happy. 🙂

    Thanks for the help.

  25. Ultima says:

    have contacted LEAF AGAIN! This time they referred me to LAB88 (who now does their support or something). I spoke to a guy there who said the update is in the country but is not yet release because it needs to pass ICASA and the Network Operators. He said it should have been rolled out last week but he thinks now it may be this week!

    I checked, yet again, and still cannot find the update! – FRUSTRATING!
    Their service / support really sucks!

    Anyone knows anything more regarding this plz let me know?


    Im running out of sapce on my Desire and need the new firmware BADLY! 🙂

  26. admin says:

    I have to agree … I think Leaf is pathetic and I am starting to wonder if we will ever see an official upgrade. Every week they have some other excuse.

    I think if we want the upgrade we will have to go the manual way and do it self. I will give them till middle September, and if no official upgrade then I will manually upgrade.

  27. Ultima says:

    Yeah… I think I will do the same!

  28. Retief says:

    Seeing all the responses so far on this article I am increasingly baffled about how it could have happened that I have received an official, over the air, upgrade to my Desire to the Android Froyo version. I wonder if Leaf did a test run to a select number of phones? In any case, I consider myself very lucky and privileged to be one of those!

  29. Ultima says:

    LOL! yes… i think u were 1 of the lucky ones! 😀

    Im so frign annoyed with LEAF.

    anyway… will try not to think abt it… 🙁

  30. Neale says:

    I know how you guys feel, I went through the same. Should I manual update or wait for the release. I waited and eventually gave up and I’ll never look back.

    It really is so easy, the only issue is backing up all your data, apps, contacts ect and restoring them. I’m not sure if the OTA does the same or if that automatically restores the state for you.

    Maybe Retief can confirm for us. Did the OTA clear everything or did it restore your phone to it’s former glory after the update?

  31. Retief says:

    Well, yes and no! See my earlier comment, 6th from the top or use this link: http://bit.ly/cewYsi

  32. Neale says:

    Cool, thanks for the update. For those still waiting for the OTA release, Barack Obama said the following:

    “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

    Do the manual update… do it now… go go go people and you will be set free… of LEAF!

    Send from my HCT Desire (Running Froyo)
    … not really, I just always wanted to be cool like those guys reping their BlackBerrys.

  33. karelv says:


    I tried the ROM Neale suggested in his post above (http://shipped-roms.com/shipped/Bravo/RUU_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.09.405.8_Radio_32.43.00.32U_5.09.00.20_release_140022_signed.exe) and it worked like a charm. My Desire came from MTN and thus was not network branded. Ran the update and less than 5min later I was running Froyo. If you have a unlocked / unbranded phone, it really is that easy. If you do however have a network branded phone (read VodaPhone, sigh…) you’ll have to create a Gold Card first. Also, follow Neale’s advice and BACKUP!! It does wipe the phone.

    Now, question… I had a look on the Shipped-ROMS website under the HTC Bravo directory and found a NEWER ROM (RUU_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.10.405.2_R_Radio_32.44.00.32U_5.09.05.30_2_release_142828_signed.exe)released the 3rd of September (my BDAY!!). Does anyone have info on this? Can this be used safely?

  34. Neale says:

    Hey karelv,

    Glad the post helped.

    Regarding your question about the new version ROM on shipped-ROMS, most of what I can understand is that it’s the rooted version of the base froyo ROM with a few tweaks like removing the startup sound.

    Other than those small tweaks it’s basically the rooted version of Froyo. It would probably work the same as before but it seems like you don’t need to do a backup since it’s the same version, you wouldn’t lose your user data. I’d steer on the side of caution though.

  35. karelv says:

    Ok… curiosity got the better of me. I just ran the 2.10 upgrade I mentioned. Works 100% and appears to be slightly more optimized than the 2.09 version.

    A few comments.
    1. It is not a rooted version, it seems to be an official release.
    2. Startup sound is still there, so further proof that its not a modded version.
    3. Lost all data on the phone so I’ll just restore again.

    Had a look around myself and found a few threads were people did take this image and modded it. No complaints found and seems to be stable.

    The main reason I was compelled to upgrade to the 2.10 was because of glitches in the 2.09 version. I found that the system didnt seem to operate that smooth as it did before I upgraded to Froyo. That annoyed me quite a bit seeing as you expect the system to be atleast a bit faster. Will be watching the performance closely…

  36. Neale says:

    Thanks for the info. Sorry about the misinformation but all I could find on the update was what you found. It really didn’t take them long to root this version if it was only released on the 3rd September and it’s already rooted.

    Do you notice anything else new in the update? I’ve been getting an issue with the weather widget that goes blank and won’t update unless I remove it and add it back. Seems to happen when I move an app from the phone memory to the SD card. Found some forums on it but no solution.

    Can you check if this has been fixed in the new release? I’m trying to find a change log on the new version now.

  37. karelv says:


    Issue is still here! I dont use this weather widget so I didnt notice the issue, but yes, it still blanks out as you described above. Also, I had an issue with Sense UI restarting if you touch the screen whilst plugging or unplugging the phone to the PC. Issue also still exists.

    Something else I’m missing…Shouldnt Froyo have support for voice dialing? Google specifically mentioned the feature with the Froyo launch. Maybe I’m stupid but cant seem to find it. Will be trying with my BT headset later on.

  38. Eedubz says:

    That shipped-roms link is asking for a username and password, any ideas?

  39. luchi says:

    Still no 2.2 wonderful service…sorry Nokia all is forgiven

  40. Nick says:

    Thanks for this info guys.

    karelv, how’s that “2.10” version running? Thinking of installing that as well as I got my phone from MTN.


  41. Lesley says:

    any feedback guys, can we install the European version?

  42. angD says:

    So the guy at lab88 told me he got notification that 2.2 should be coming next week and it wont be free over the air. He’s probably talking crap but lets see what happens

  43. Conway says:

    Has anyone been to the Leaf Head Office in Century City (Cpt),.. to see if the can just updrade your phone for you? What are the cost implications,.. and if you should apply a manual downloaded update, does that void your warrenty, guys?

  44. angD says:

    Phoned in again now, lab88 say its available now but can only be done in store at the moment

  45. Neale says:

    Basically all they’re going to do is what I’ve mentioned above and what karelv has also done. You can download the rom off of Shipped-Roms and do it yourself.

    I’m not relying on Vodacom, Leaf or Lab88 in the future.

  46. angD says:

    yeah, they pretty much did that. lost all my info on my fone, good thing I backed up everything. 2.2 is pretty cool, no crazy differences though

  47. Quintin says:

    How about this .. I phoned LAB88.. The roms are available, speaking to the TECHI.. he said it is but only in the shops. Si I want to take my phone in .. and guess what they told me .. Sorry sir, it will only be available at the end of the month.

    How is that for support ??

  48. admin says:

    Quintin, that is exactly why I went the rooting and ROM root. Leaf in SA is just pathetic … see this post on my How To: http://www.mariusb.net/blog/2010/10/htc-desire-upgradedupdated-to-android-2-2-how-to/

  49. Conway says:

    AT LAST!!!! I got upgraded to 2.2. took about 10 minutes. For those in Cape Town,.. you can go to Canal Walk (Century City),.. go to the MTN data centre,. and you’ll find a HTC counter there. They will upgrade you FREE of charge.
    HTC rep. said the update will be available by this week on there site,..but beware of the cost. OTA will cost you about R498
    So go now!! 🙂

  50. Sarina says:

    Anybody know where we can go for Froyo update in Pta??

  51. wally says:

    does anyone know wer I can go in pe to update to froyo, I’m desperate! or wen Mtn will release it? plz help…

  52. admin says:

    Wally, you can apparently go to any MTN Service Centre (not the MTN shops). If you in Cape Town area then there is one in Canalwalk (Century City). Or otherwise just do the upgrade yourself .. I have posted a howto here: http://www.mariusb.net/blog/2010/10/htc-desire-upgradedupdated-to-android-2-2-how-to/

  53. wally says:

    thanx will try it out and let u know how it works but just want to go to Mtn service centre and see wat they have to say, if I do it myself, will it affect the warranty on my phone? or can I still upgrade it to there one at a later stage after iv done the update myself?

  54. admin says:

    I do think it affect your warranty since you have to root your phone.

  55. Harry says:

    Freekin’ Finally!!!
    Hi all. it is Thursday 30 December 2010, 07:15am Pretoria, South Africa, and i woke up this morning with the notification on my HTC Desire that Android 2.2 is ready for download and OTA update.
    Took about 4 minutes to download 97MB over wi-fi. (probably as I’m the only one at the office this early and nobody started downloading stuff yet)
    As I type here it is busy installing. Getting kinda antsy as I hope it doesn’t crash.

    Ok, phone just rebooted itself.
    Aaand.. booting up again.
    Still have the HTC startup tone… thought this was removed 😕 Or was that just in the rooted version?
    And doing a second install. This time just a percentage counter. Seems a bit slow.
    Nope. Done
    Phone teaching me how to type again.
    And that’s it… checked my firmware and I officially have android 2.2.

    Now what?!? Dang, I’ve been waiting for it so long I can not actually remember why I wanted it.

  56. Retief says:

    For me 2.2 has two major additional functions:
    1. The ability to change the phone into a wifi hotspot. This helped me to be connected on a number of occasions where I would not have had connectivity otherwise.
    2. The ability to move apps to the SD card. The HTC Desire memory is really limited and this capability helps (although not all apps can be moved).
    Another useful function, although less important than the above is that landscape mode can now be used in both possible orientations.

  57. Wolfster says:

    Harry, are you serious?
    I don’t have access to any updates as yet.

    Could it be because of different networks? I’m on Vodacom.
    Or maybe location since I’m not in pretoria.

  58. admin says:

    Wolfster, as far as I know the updates are only available on the MTN network and not the others.

  59. David says:

    I went to Lab88 last week in Cedar Square, Fourways, and had my HTC Desire updated for free. They were busy when I got there, but the update process took less than 10min.

    Lab88 are associated with Leaf, I believe; and there are three branches in the country. Check out:

  60. Riyaan says:

    I’m in the process of updating to Froyo. Having received an SMS from Vodacom just after 15:00pm today. Hopefully the updates for all Vodacom subscribers are rolling out now.

  61. Brionne says:

    hey, does anyone know if this update will work on an HTC DESIRE WHITE,
    I have ordered the phone from vodacom and have been told it does not have HD recording.
    with Froyo 2.2 i hear HD is enabled on the phone.

  62. Wally says:

    hey Brionne, i dont see why you would not get the update for the white version as im pretty sure its the same as the black one, same features different colour. but with that said i got the update sometime last year already for the froyo update and waiting for gingerbread 2.3, but not sure when that update will be available. when i updated mine i could then access the option of 720p video recording, not 1080p, so its still HD, not full HD. hope this answers ur question, been using the HTC desire for almost a year and still madly in love with this phone and an avid HTC fan. enjoy

  63. admin says:

    Agree with Wally, colour will make no difference so you should be able to do the upgrade to 2.2 when you get your phone.

    @Wally, I am not sure whether 2.3 will ever be available for Desire in SA. HTC had to do fancy footwork to fit 2.3 on the Desire so it will not be rolled out widely. There is a 2.3 ROM available for Desire here –> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1200261 .. it is very new so be careful and you will need to wipe your phone to get it installed. I use the 2.2 ROM at the moment and it is a very good ROM

  64. Brionne says:

    I thought the Htc Desire White was a differant model like how you get HTC Desire S and so on. Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated.

  65. Wally says:

    http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_desire-3077.php @ brionne check this out, it says that the htc desire comes in black brown WHITE and silver, so all the same and its got info about hd video recording, well just the specs, but as far as i know the later desire models already have froyo on?
    @ admin thanx for info on the ROMS, but i think il stick with my 2.2 as all i basically wanted fm 2.1 to 2.2 was the sd option to save apps and its good but run out of space still, sometimes. but thanx for info:)

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