Geek in me — Linux in your browser using JavaScript

This is just so awesome … running Linux (Linux (none) 2.6.20 #3 Sat May 14 19:08:30 CEST 2011 i586 GNU/Linux if you run uname -a) right in your browser and this is a working Linux as you can see from the screenshot below.

You can see I cd’ed to the root directory and did a ls -al to list the directory structure.  Also had a look at what user is running with a whoami and you will see that you are root.  Go to to have a play with it.

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  1. Wez (kbmonkey) says:

    It’s an amazing thing! Bellard also wrote tcc (tiny c compiler) used in this machine, you can compile the ~/hello.c code with it. Neat. See this experiment: 😀

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