Believe it .. HTC responded again … but am not hopeful at all.

Yesterday I posted the response from HTC on my Open Letter.  I was not happy with their answer and here is what I responded with.

Suzanne, to be honest, your reply is meaningless and does not address the issue. I want to know what will be done regarding the pathetic support that is given to HTC Android users in South Africa by Leaf? I am currently advising all people to stay away from HTC Android phones in South Africa via my blog, twitter account, facebook and word of mouth. This is not due to the HTC products that is bad but purely the support and service from your agent Leaf in South Africa. Why should the upgrade takes so much longer in South Africa than other countries across the world. Regards

Surprising they again responded and here is it for your enjoyment.

Dear Marius Bock,

Dear Mr Marius ,
Thank you for contacting HTC. 

Kindly be notified that your Issue has been escalated to the next level of which we are going to make sure we keep in-touch with Leaf and make sure all HTC users are on the same level with anyone else around the globe,however , the delay in the 2.2 was due to software conflicts that were discovered while testing the software for the Middle East and Africa not just South Africa and currently we are working hard to bring it as soon as possible and we really understand that we promised to deliver it sometime ago.
Leaf is an official HTC retailer in Southern & Sub Saharan region and whatever is provided they deliver.

If you have any other inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us again. 
Please note that you can contact us via support line which is a toll free number 0800 982 773. For further details, please go to , Thank you so much for using HTC products. 

Respect & Regards,

James Namauka

HTC Technical Support Team

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 10ZACW41ENA000006.



Well it has been escalated not that I have any idea what that may mean.  And why do we have software issues if the rest of the world does not.  Are we so special in this part of the world … I think not.  This is my response.

I do not understand at all.  Why should there be any software conflicts in Africa .. this just does not make any sense.  Our cellphone networks are not that much different than other GSM networks across the world.  I get the distinct feeling that these reasond are just thrown around to hide a bigger issue, like lack of support from Leaf side.

I would like to be proven wrong — come on, surprise me.

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  1. wernich says:

    at least you’re on version 2. people like me who jumped at the magic are on 1.5 for the rest of our lives, which i think is a load of bollocks, especially when we were sold the idea of a phone that is revolutionary. software updates constantly (i have upgraded twice in a year, from 1.5 to 1.5 and then later to 1.5) and a place to download free and paid for apps (first it was the open market, which had 5 kak apps, now it’s the android market with more ver 2.0+ dependent apps appearing every day).

    the most annoying thing is that when we complain, we get a reply full of corporate buzzwords that don’t make sense and then we’re confused into believing that we got a proper reply.

    i’m so tired of leaf’s douchebaggery that i’m even contemplating owning an iphone or a blackberry next. can you believe that?

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