HTC – Open Letter to HTC regarding LEAF and upgrade availability in South Africa

Open Letter to HTC
I want to lay an official complaint about your (HTC) agent, LEAF in South Africa.
The Android 2.2 upgrade for HTC Desire is available for users around the world for a couple of months already.  However here in South Africa we are still waiting.  Everytime that Leaf get contacted for an answer on when it will be available, they have some excuse and it is never the same.
As more and more applications in the Market depends on Android 2.2, this situation is getting unbearable. 
What is happening now is that more and more user roots their phone and install some custom ROM to get Android 2.2.
Most cellphone user in South Africa has reached the stage where they refuse to get an Android HTC cellphone due to the problems in upgrading the device.  If something drastic does not get done then I am afraid that HTC Android market share will drop to close to zero.
I trust that this will get the attention and action it needs.
Very unhappy HTC Desire user.
Marius Bock

4 Responses to “HTC – Open Letter to HTC regarding LEAF and upgrade availability in South Africa”

  1. Chris says:

    If this was a paper letter I would have physically added my signature. I agree. I was forced to root my phone because of increasing problems and constraints as result of a lack of memory. Given the choice I would have preferred a legal upgrade.

  2. admin says:

    Chris, thanks for the support. Whether I will get any response from HTC have to be seen.

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  4. John says:

    I tried to get a Chinese Rom for my HTC Touch Diamond and was given the run around for several days. Eventually someone from Leaf phoned and advised me that HTC has an agreement with Microsoft that does not allow them to swap the language packs. When I pointed out to them that nowhere in my contract with my service provided does it state this they just ignored the statement.

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