Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) — when to upgrade

So Ubuntu 10.04 was released yesterday with some problems.  First there was the memory leak issue and then some issue around GRUB2 which meant that the ISO’s had to be re-rolled. 

I have 3 machines that needs to be upgraded over the next week or so.  One of them is my IBM (yes I work for IBM and run Ubuntu as my primary workstation) workstation and here the upgrade process is not the same as the normal Ubuntu one due to some changes we (as in IBM) has made to Ubuntu.  We have our own internal upgrade process and that will still take a couple of weeks before that hits stable.

At home I have 2 desktops and one will definitely go through an upgrade process over the weekend.  The other one is a fairly old Ubuntu install and have gone through a couple of upgrades already. I am debating whether it is time for a fresh install on that machine.

If anyone has gone through the upgrades already and you have some comments and advice, please share with us.

Happy upgrading….

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