SEO business is a rip-off — well at least some of them.

I was asked by a company to advise them on their business processes and how to automate this and just create an more integrated online environment.  While I was meeting with them, they mentioned to me that they pay another company R2500.00 a month for a SEO report.  I asked to have a look at the report that was produced and what a rip-off.  This report is just taking Google Analytics data and represent it in some Word doc report form. 

This I think is not on.  How can somebody do this?  What value is added for this R2500.00 .. in my view, absolutely nothing.

I know there is other SEO companies that does add value by evaluating keywords, meta tags and other content to ensure that one ends up higher in search engine searches.  In this report from this company I could not find any recommendations like this.

I immediately advised then to get rid of this SEO company.  

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