Upgrade to Lucid — 2 done (sort of), 1 to go

As mentioned in this post and this one, I have 3 machines to upgrade.

Today, I bit the bullet and did my IBM production workstation.  As mentioned in this post, the upgrade path is not the normal Ubuntu one but an internal IBM one.  It went fairly well except for the internal part that failed.  Luckily I knew what internal repositories get used and updated my sources.list and ran the update which downloaded and upgraded some internal packages.

After the upgrade, the window buttons were sitting on the left and I hated it.  I immediately changed it back to the right. One thing that does not look right is Lotus Notes which does not display everything properly.  Will have to dig into it tomorrow to figure out what is going on.  For those that run Lotus Notes under Ubuntu, the mail and calendar tab display properly but the home tab is just blank and the resync tab has also got issue.  When opening a mail in a tab, the top part, including the toolbar does not display.

Overall it seems to be stable but I have this impression that booting takes a couple of seconds more.

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