2 Done, 2 to go

So what the heck am I talking about.  Since this is suppose to be a technical blog it can only be about Ubuntu and in this case upgrading to Karmic Koala ala Ubuntu 9.10.

  • The first that was running Karmic is my Compaq Laptop and that has been on the Karmic road since Alpha 6 .. it was real fun being on the development road for a release and it is interesting to see how the release develops over time.  Now it is running the released version with no issues.
  • The second machine is a HP Desktop that got a fresh install from the desktop iso to replace Kubuntu 9.04.  Again the install went flawless and this desktop runs perfectly.  This machine has Intel graphics in it and remembering all the pain of Intel and 9.04, I was holding my breath.  Well in 9.10 the graphics works exactly as it should.
  • The next machine is a very old no name Desktop that will go through an Online Upgrade sometime today.  The last clean install of Ubuntu on this machine was 8.04 so it will be an interesting road.  I have read and heard about people that do upgrades, that they had some Grub issues.  Also this machine has an old nVidia graphic card that uses one of the older nVidia drivers.  Holding thumbs that it be will be smooth sailing.
  • The last machine on the list is my work Lenovo Thinkpad T60.  This will only be upgraded in a week or so after internal Ubuntu 9.10 is released to ensure all the IBM products like Notes, Sametime and Symphony works properly.

So far I am really impressed with this version of Ubuntu and where I go I encourage friends and people to change to Ubuntu.

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