Karmic upgrade — Network Manager with DSL connections not working

Just upgraded from Jaunty to Karmic on my Desktop and everything went fairly smoothly.  One major issue is that DSL Connections with Network Manager does not work.  This worked fine in Jaunty.  I use a couple of different DSL accounts and switch between them as I need with Network Manager .. that was in Jaunty.  In Karmic this just does not work.  Even the editing of the connection info is buggy.

There are various bugs logged for it and I have even installed from the daily Network Manager PPA without any success.  I know there is a workaround using pppoeconf but this is a pain.  I want Network Manager to work.  This is a major issue and this regression will not go down well. 

Anybody got any solutions .. or got it working.

Hope this gets fixed soon.

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