Ubuntu 9.10 ala Karmic Koala is out – get it while it is hot.

I have been running Ubuntu on multiple machines since around the 7 release and yesterday Karmic Koala officially became Ubuntu 9.10.  I am already running it on one of my laptops and I must say, I am impressed with this release.  In my opinion this is the best Ubuntu release by far.  Congrats to the guys at Ubuntu for a great release – what I will give to be part of this team at Canonical.

Over the weekend I will upgrade one of my Ubuntu Desktops with the online upgrade. I have heard about some issues about the online upgrade but I think it is people that are just a bit impatient and the repositories are overloaded or the mirrors are in an unstable state.  I will wait a bit for things to settle down.  If you did an online upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 then please comment on your experience.

I will also do a fresh install of Ubuntu on a machine that are runnung Kubuntu.  I just cannot get used to Kubuntu so it is back to Ubuntu.

Grab your copy of the latest here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/karmic/. If you can do it via Bittorrent then so much better.  Ubuntu is all about sharing so go ahead and share that bandwidth

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