HTC One X — Screenshot without ROOT and APP

Let’s start again after our elastious electricity company decided to switch off the power and I lost the previous incarnation of this blog post.

Yesterday I spend a couple of hours searching for an APP that will take screenshots on my HTC One X without ROOTING my phone only to find out that there are 2 ways to do it build into the software that came with the phone.  The one is stock standard with Ice Cream (Android 4) and the other is from HTC and is part of Sense 4.  I will describe both methods and indicated what one I prefer.

HTC (Sense 4):

First an example screenshot:

To use this method, press and hold the POWER/LOCK button and then press the HOME key (middle one at the bottom).  Message will be displayed on the screen indicating that the screenshot was saved.  The screenshot will be saved in the same directory as where your Camera shots get’s saved which I do not like.

 Ice Cream (Android 4):

First again the example screenshot:

This method is not so easy to get working and I had to try a couple of times to get it working correctly. The trick is to press the POWER/LOCK button and the VOLUME DOWN button at exactly the same time.  Then release both again exactly at the same time and the screenshot will be taken.  An image of the screenshot will be flashed on the screen and an Icon will be displayed in the Notification bar as shown below:

The screenshot will be save in the directory /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots/ which I prefer since it is separate from my Camera shots.

Except for the different directory, the 2 methods produces identical screenshots.  Both have a size of 720×1280 and is saved in .png format.

So no ROOT required, no separate APP required, just use either one of the methods above to capture your screenshots.  Another reason to make the HTC One X your preferred Android phone.  Let me know in the comments what you think.

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  1. David Thorsen says:

    A photo taken on a HTC One X phone shows the “date taken”.

    If a screen shot is taken of the same photo at a later date, does the “date taken” of the original photo transfer over to the screenshot?

    I’m trying to determine if date taken can change.

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