Time for cellphone upgrade — HTC One X is the front runner — but when in South Africa

My current cellphone contract has come to an end and I am due for an upgrade.  It will definitly be an Android phone and the current front runner is the HTC One X.

I am a MTN contract subscriber and have tried to find out if and when this phone will be available on contract in South Africa. So far I could not get any answer on this.  If somebody have an idea then please comment below.

From what I have seen in the reviews, this is a awesome device and I am praticularly impressed with the 8MP camera and video taking capabilities.  Have a look at the below video.

The only thing that I might miss is the absence of a SD card but with 32GB of internal storage that should be much of a issue.

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  1. Graeme says:

    http://shop.lab88.co.za/ says “Stock estimated end March 2012”, so who knows? I guess we’ll start seeing MTN offer it in May or June only.

    As a comparison, the original Desire was announced in Feb 2010 and I got mine from MTN in June 2010. I’m pretty sure a colleague at the time had one in April 2010 already, but it might’ve been May.

  2. AngeloD says:

    Im also due for an upgrade, Ive been asking around and lab88 told me they’d have it in 10days (2weeks ago), and MTN have no idea either. Man Im so keen to get this phone, it makes these iphones and kakberries look like crap.

  3. QuiXilver says:

    Well, if you’re really hard up for it, Expansys are selling it for R7600 some change :/

  4. Chris says:

    Vodacom got back to me now and said they will have it in May sometime. MTN doesn’t know yet. The suspense is killing me…

  5. Adrian says:

    Am also looking for the one X. Even prepared to port number if I have to.

  6. chopper says:

    guys whats your opinion on the ONE X vs GALAXY S3?
    Im in two minds

  7. admin says:

    Definitely the One X for me

  8. admin says:

    Looks like the HTC One X will be at MTN soon … see post – http://www.mariusb.net/blog/2012/05/htc-one-x-soon-in-south-africa/

  9. Fluent says:

    Tada!!! MTN May offers has the HTC One X

  10. AngeloD says:

    Got one yesterday from MTN fourways, what an awesome phone ! I wanted it in white but they didnt have stock so I took the grey one. Going from a Desire to the One x is a big jump, but at the same time its very similar in usability

  11. admin says:

    Will have to pop into my MTN shop tomorrow and see if they have stock. Will also go from Desire to One X

  12. Niteowl360 says:

    Anyone know where available in white.

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