Cellphone contract due for renewal — either HTC OneX or Samsung Galaxy SIII

My current 2 year cellphone contract is up for renewal this month.  I have been using a HTC Desire for the last 2 years and absolutely loved it.  Comparing to today’s Android phones, the Desire is very limited particularly when it comes to internal memory and storage.

I have already decided to stay with an Android phone so the iPhone is not even on my list to look at.  

I have narrowed my search down to 2 phones namely the HTC OneX and the Samsung Galaxy SIII. On the left you see the HTC OneX which was announced by HTC at the Mobile World Conference and the specs is well known. On the right is what the Samsung SIII might look like.  Samsung has not annouced the phone yet so there is not official images of it yet.  From rumours and leaks, it seems to be in the same spec class as the HTC OneX.

I am a HTC fan so I am leaning towards the HTC at the moment but will wait till the Samsung SIII has been announced and then take both for a test and only then decide. I just hope that my mobile provider, MTN, will be bringing both to South Africa.  They have already indicated that they will be bringing the SIII but have not seen anything about the HTC OneX.

From what I have read about the reviews of the HTC OneX, everybody is highly impressed with the phone particularly with the camera that is on this one.  Seems like HTC has gone out of their way to make the camera experience a real good one.  I use my camera phone fairly often so a good camera is a must on the phone.  I am eagarly waiting for reviews on the Samsung SIII and what reviewers have to say about it.  I am particurlarly looking forward to a side by side review of the 2 phones.  Please comment below if you have seen or read a review like this.

Onwards to my new phone 🙂


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  1. Paul says:

    My choice last November was between HTC Sensation (I had a Hero at the time) and Galaxy S2. Went the Galaxy S2 route and no regrets, it’s my best phone yet. But then it is running 2.3.4 (Hero was 1.5!). No doubt both these phones will be ICS.

  2. admin says:

    Yes the S2 is a great phone … the other phone I am looking at us the Galaxy Note …

    Both the OneX and S3 will be ICS and the HTC will also be Sense 4 which is a lot better the the Version 3.5 of Sense.

  3. Graeme says:

    I’ve seen a few tablet+phone bundles lately which are quite tempting. MTN has a Galaxy Tab 7.0 and a Galaxy Ace for just under R300/month. Of course I’m only upgrading around October, so I have plenty of time to mull it over.

  4. Ben says:

    Great selection. You are spoton to choose between these two bulls.

    My choice will probably be the One X.

    Reason: I had a Galaxy S 2 but swapped to the sansation for the very big reason called Sense UI.

    The sense ui leave your device looking and acting like a propper business phone that looks sleak and professional.

    On the other hand the Galaxy S 2 needs to load another UI to make it look sleak, but there is nothing out there that matches the look and feel of sense.

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