Upgraded Ubuntu to Natty — 11.04 — eventually

Yes, I know that Oneiric (11.10) is also released but I am only getting around to upgrading my Ubuntu boxes now.  I have 2 Ubuntu desktops and decided to ugrade one of them yesterday from Maverick to Natty.  And I was pleasantly surprised how smooth the upgrade went.  It is not a new machine, in fact it is a couple of years old and run Intel graphics.

I did run in a couple of small issues:

  • After re-enabling 3rd party repositories and PPA’s, there was no Natty repository for XBMC.  After some Googling I found a solution to just use the Maverick repository.  A while ago I also bought a Samsung 32″ Full HD TV which I use as my monitor and the TV is also connected to my LAN.  I run a DLNA server (minidlna) on my Ubuntu Box and stream my media through minidlna to the Samsung TV so I do not really need XBMC anymore and decided to uninstall it.
  • For NZB dowmloads I used Klibido as my download client but that is not in the Natty repositories anymore and not supported at all anymore.  I did some research and went for LottaNzb which uses SABnzbd as a backend.  After some configuration and testing, I now have a working solution for all my NZB downloads.

For the time being, I have stuck to Unity but the jury is still out on whether I like it.  It is starting to grow on me but it has only been a day.  However I have seen that my old box seem to be performing a bit better than when I ran Maverick so I might just stick around with Unity.

I will be running Narry for a couple of months before upgrading to Oneiric.

My other desktop is even older and run a very old nVidia graphics card so I think that upgrade to Natty will be a bit more challenging.  But that is a task for another day.

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  1. Heh, I just upgraded to precise 😛

    If you are using unity, you’ll probably want to upgrade to oneiric sooner or later, it’s much better in oneiric. But yes, waiting a little bit is sensible, there have been a fair number of post-release fixes…

    Also, re XBMC, there are a bunch of PPAs. No idea about quality…

  2. admin says:

    Stefano, I would have expected you to upgrade to Precise being a new Ubuntu Developer 🙂 .. btw congratulations .. are you going to UDS?

    I do not plan to wait a full cycle before upgrading to Oneiric.

    Trying to figure out why SABNZBd does not download at fullspeed .. on a 4MB line and average around 90KB/s instead of the 400KB/s that I used to get with Klibido.

    XBMC is not that important for me at the moment .. have looked at some of the PPA’s.

  3. Yeah, lying back in a hotel room now, after a long flight.

    Hrm, SABNZBd easily flatlines on my line (WebAfrica)

  4. Marius says:

    Enjoy your time in Florida.

    It was not ZABNZBd that was the issue but rather the NZB I was downloading. Currently download at max speed so all is cool.

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