Android Tablet from Lenovo – the ThinkTab

As mentioned in my previous post .. I am current investigation a 10.1 inch Android Tablet.  The latest one to enter is Lenovo Android Tablet with an optional keyboard.

Here is the specs for it.  

From what I could read, the USB 2.0 port is on the tablet and not the optional keyboard which in my book makes more sense.

Everyday a new entrant is entering the Android Tablet market but what would interest me much is the support after the initial release.  How quicly updates gets pushed out to the devices? How close to the original Google Android each device stays .. the more customization is done, the longer it normaly takes to get updates to the market.  My opinion is to stay with people that knows the Android landscape like Samsung, HTC and Motorola.  It will be good to see how Asus and Lenovo fairs in this market.

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