Android, my biggest pet hate – no proxy settings

Earlier this week I started to work at a new company and like most companies these day they have secure WIFI and runs their internal network through a proxy server to connect to the internet.  One have to authenticate with the proxy server to access the internet.  This is normal procedure for about 99% of all companies out there.

Setting up Android to connect to the secure WIFi was a since. The problem started when I wanted to tell Android what proxy setting to use. To my dismay I found there is no way to define proxy settings on Android, nothing, nada, null.  Just google for android wifi proxy server and you will find lots of people complaining about it but I could not find any response from Google on this glaring omission.

Who in their right mind has made a decision like this, and we are not talking here about the first version of Android.  I have version 2.1 so they (google) had ample time to fix this.  I do not know what the situation is in 2.2.  Any 2.2 user want to check for me?

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  1. As a work-around, can’t you set-up a transparent proxy server somewhere, e.g. on the gateway through which the device connects?

  2. admin says:

    Unfortunately not Francois .. with Opera Mini I can set proxy for browsing but for native apps that needs to access the Internet over WIFI, I am buggered.

    Have also found out that this is this same still in Android 2.2

  3. Ok. At home I’ve set up a transparent Squid proxy on my one Ubuntu machine. I connect my Nokia 5800 on the Wifi and access the internet through that proxy without having to enter any proxy settings on the Nokia.

  4. I have made a recent post in my blog with a step by step guide for setting up proxy connection in Andoid phones…I have checked it in many phones…It works fine..check it out…Do share your views

  5. admin says:

    Thanks Android Proxy .. will have a look.

  6. milton howe says:

    check out this program it might solve your problem and it is an application, very unmessy to install

    and root your phone dead easy no need to put a new rom in or anything:

  7. JSmith says:

    You have _got_ to be kidding me? I thought I was nuts when I couldn’t find this setting anywhere in the native/stock WiFi settings.

    I have to root my phone to get proxy settings? Lame!

  8. Given says:

    download Proxy setting application.apk at:

    it worked for my HTC wildfire android phone.

  9. Eve says:

    It works for me too with Samsung i5500 and froyo. I verified with an android proxy from that list.

  10. Moroni says:

    Hi, there is a new solution for the proxy problem, my app is called Autoproxy, and it’s in the market.

    It is the successor to transproxy, works better and supports a lot more proxies, https, socks, even proxy.pac config.

  11. LeChuck says:

    Did you try to read this blog? It explains where is the problem and how to solve it very well!

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