Nokia Ovi Maps switches off Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – Help!

I have a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and for a while now whenever I start Ovi Maps, it switches off the phone.  This started when I had Ovi Maps 2.  I upgraded to Ovi Maps 3 (the latest version) and also upgraded the phone firmware to version 31.  Firmware version 40 is not available in my country.

When I run on battery power the phone switches off almost immediately.  Actually just after it ask whether it should go online.  Make no difference whether I answer yes or no.  When it is plugged into power, it sometimes take a while before it switches off.

I have Googled and searched but could not find any solutions anywhere.  Anybody reading here have any suggestions?

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2 Responses to “Nokia Ovi Maps switches off Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – Help!”

  1. alex says:

    i have the same problem when i open ovi maps on my n97 and i dont know why my phone switch off. I see some random lines and this is all. I use garmin as navi. I think i have this problem because i’ve made some chenges at positioning server to connect faster. I wrote instead of and it works relly good. If you solve youre problem please notify me.

  2. admin says:


    I have solved my problem as follows. Under Positioning Methods (not sure under what menu item it is on the N97) there is 4 methods:
    Assisted GPS
    Integrated GPS
    Bluetooth GPS
    Network Based

    Originally the first 2 and last one was selected. I switched off the last one (Network Based) and it solved my problem. So the only ones I have selected is the first 2.

    Hope this helps.

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