Paul Thurrott – no wonder nobody takes you serious.

In the latest email newsletter from Paul Thurrott he had the following piece of wisdom:

Oh Good, I Was Just Hoping for Another Webmail Solution
IBM continued its long slide into irrelevancy this week by releasing yet another corporate email solution that no one was asking for. Actually, it’s more of a competitor for Google Apps, I guess, since it includes web-based contacts and calendar management in addition to email. Dubbed LotusLive iNotes (yes, really), the IBM solution will set businesses back $3 per user per month, which nicely undercuts both Google Apps Premier Edition (which is $50 per user per year) and Microsoft’s various hosted solutions. However, it doesn’t undercut Google Apps Standard Edition, which is free—and is also, of course, the one everyone uses. But if the IBM solution has a real downside, it’s that it’s made by IBM … and based on Lotus Notes. I mean, seriously, people. That is just so 1990s.

Now we all already know that he is so bias towards Microsoft that anything he say, one should take with a pinch of salt.  But this just goes to show the man’s ignorance.  In all likelihood he has not seen what Lotus Notes looks like these days.  I use both the latest version of Notes and iNotes and coupled with the fact that I can use and access these products from anywhere, whether it be a Windows, Linux or Mac platform makes it so much better and easier to use than any other competing product.  Paul, I suggest you for once get out under that Microsoft bed and see what wonderful world awaits you on the outside.

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