IBM move away from Microsoft.

Via Linux Magazine

360.000 IBM workers have been told to stop using Microsoft Office and switch to the Open Office-based software Symphony.

As an IBMer, I am not so sure about the “told to stop”, well not in South Africa at least.  At the moment we are encouraged not to use Microsoft products as far as possible.  And it does not only apply to Office.  The coming week we have what is called “Open Client Awareness Week” where we will run demo’s, presentations and installfests to show people what Linux can do within IBM.

My primary workstation, Lenovo Thinkpad T60 are running Ubuntu 9.04 with all the IBM software like Notes, Sametime, Symphony ect that I need to do my daily job.  I also run Sun’s Virtualbox with a Windows XP setup for when I need to something in Windows which is rarely.

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