My Computer Setup – Linux all the way.

I though it is about time I blog something about my computer setup.  I run a fair amount of machines for either work purposes or at home.  One thing I can say is that I am totally Windows free when it comes to booting up my machines.  I do however have a Virtual Windows instance on one of my machines just for that odd case when I need it.  So what do I have:

  • Work at IBM — Runnung a Lenovo T60 Laptop with Ubuntu 9.04 on it.  IBM makes availanble its own internal set op repositories to install IBM products like Notes, Sametime and Symphony natively on Ubuntu.  
  • PC 1 @ home — This is a very old Pentium IV with an even older nVidia Gforce graphics card with 768MB RAM. On this machine I run also Ubuntu 9.04 and it is my main work horse at home.  It also runs NFS Server to share it’s drives over NFS.
  •  PC 2 @ home — This is a dual core Pentium IV with 1GB of RAM and an Intel Graphics card.  On this machine I run Kubuntu 9.04 together with XBMC as sort of a media center.  I am not too impress with Kubuntu and will probably replace this with Ubuntu 9.10 when that comes out in October.  I do not like the Intel Graphics either so will soon be putting in a nVidia card. Also running NFS Client to use the drives that are shared on my other PC.

In future blogs I will write about how each of these machines are setup and what I have done to make them work as I want them to work. 

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