Mircro$oft at it again — patents SUDO …

You do not know what SUDO is .. then you must be a Windows fanboy.  If you use Linux and/or Macs, you will use it on a daily basis.  It is that little command that is in almost every distribution of Linux and also in Mac OSx that elevates your privileges to root for a short while to do things like installing software.

Now Microsoft got it right to patent this.

“Just when you thought all was safe on the crazy patent front, Microsoft has come out of the obvious patent closet to file patent number 7617530, which basically duplicates the functionality of ‘sudo’ which is found in all Linux systems. PJ over at groklaw has a wonderful writeup on the entire fiasco.”

I went to look and saw that the patent date back to only 2005.  SUDO has been in existence since the 1980’s. This just shows how screwed up the US Patent Office is.

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