So who owns the Unix copyright if not Novell

A Federal Appeals court judge has just overturned the 2007 judgement against SCO that Novell owns the Unix copyright.

In a 54-page decision, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals said it was reversing the 2007 summary judgment decision by Judge Dale Kimball of the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, which found that Novell was the owner of Unix and UnixWare copyrights.

So if Novell does not own the copyright, who does?  Also does this mean that SCO still have enough left to go after the $1billion that they want from IBM for copyright infringement.

Read more about it here.

When is the SCO, Unix, Novell and IBM soap opera going to end?

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Linux (Ubuntu) fixes Windows

Well, it at least fixed a problem of Windows not being able to boot.  From ITWire:

What do you do when Windows will not boot and cannot repair itself from the installation CD? You fire up a Linux Live CD!

I always carry around a Ubuntu Live CD with me.  Many times I have helped out my fellow Windows colleagues which was about to have their PC’s/Laptops reformatted since support could not solve their problem via their normal ways.  In most cases I was able to fix the problem without re-installing Windows and in those cases where they had to re-install, I could at least saved their data.

A couple of times, this impressed the people so much that they switched to Linux. 

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Happy Birthday Unix — a young 40.

40 years ago, Unix was dreamt up in the AT&T labs by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. If it was not for these 2 guys, Unix would probably not existed and neither would Linux.  Yes, I know, Linux is now based on Unix but nobody can argue that Unix has a lot of influence on how Linux progressed through the years.

And today a lot of big, big companies like IBM, HP and others make their living out of Unix or some incarnation like AIX.

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Microsoft and Linux in the same sentence.

I just saw this on Slashdot and I quote:

“Researchers at Microsoft and the University of California, San Diego have developed a network adapter that lets a computer enter sleep mode without disrupting the network connection. The adapter, dubbed Somniloquy (meaning to talk in one’s sleep), consists of a gumstix running embedded Linux, 64MB of RAM and a 2G SD memory card, connected via USB. The adapter keeps the network connection going and the researchers have also developed a simplified IM client and bittorrent client that carry out more complicated tasks autonomously, only waking the computer if, for example, an actualy IM is received or a download is completed.”

The world are changing and for the better.  And what does this say about Microsoft’s own embedded OS?

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My Computer Setup – Linux all the way.

I though it is about time I blog something about my computer setup.  I run a fair amount of machines for either work purposes or at home.  One thing I can say is that I am totally Windows free when it comes to booting up my machines.  I do however have a Virtual Windows instance on one of my machines just for that odd case when I need it.  So what do I have:

  • Work at IBM — Runnung a Lenovo T60 Laptop with Ubuntu 9.04 on it.  IBM makes availanble its own internal set op repositories to install IBM products like Notes, Sametime and Symphony natively on Ubuntu.  
  • PC 1 @ home — This is a very old Pentium IV with an even older nVidia Gforce graphics card with 768MB RAM. On this machine I run also Ubuntu 9.04 and it is my main work horse at home.  It also runs NFS Server to share it’s drives over NFS.
  •  PC 2 @ home — This is a dual core Pentium IV with 1GB of RAM and an Intel Graphics card.  On this machine I run Kubuntu 9.04 together with XBMC as sort of a media center.  I am not too impress with Kubuntu and will probably replace this with Ubuntu 9.10 when that comes out in October.  I do not like the Intel Graphics either so will soon be putting in a nVidia card. Also running NFS Client to use the drives that are shared on my other PC.

In future blogs I will write about how each of these machines are setup and what I have done to make them work as I want them to work. 

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Project Managers: Emergency Meeting

From Geek Hero Comic

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OpenSource T-Shirt

I can wear a T-shirt like this:

Read all about it on Geek Hero Comic.

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Upgrade done

Upgrade completed .. now running the latest WP – 2.8.3

MS BSOD in front of Apple — how funny!

Now this is so funny .. A Coke vending machine that BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) in front of a Apple Store.

Here is a closer view of the BSOD.

Wonder what Coke thinks of all this?

It is time the world learns that if you need stable embedded then use Linux.

This pictures, courtesy of GizModo

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The rumour was true — Chrome OS

I am not going to say much about it except why another OS and what is going to take them so long that it will only be available in more than a year from now.  By that time the world has moved on.

Why not just put a Chrome layer on top of say Ubuntu which already has a big market share. Renai LeMay from ZDNet Australia sums is up very well in his post, No thanks Google, we’ve got Ubuntu.

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