Earn Bitcoin and other Crypto – The Best of the Best – How do I do it – Updated

With the increase in Bitcoin and Crypto value, even earning small amounts of coins can be valueable.

My way of doing it.

I have decided only to use the “Moon” series of faucets since they work differently than normal faucets where one does not have to claim every certain amount of minutes.  One can claim when you decide too.

Best is to create an account on Coinpot.co and then let each claim on your “Moon” site be paid to your Coinpot account. Then you have total control in when you want to withdraw from your Coinpot account and in what coin since Coinpot allow you to instantly convert between the coins they support.

Here is my list of “Moon” accounts with 2 additional one’s that also accumulate on Coinpot:

On top of these I also spend some time on 2 of the longest running faucets on the web:

Good luck and keep on stacking those sats.

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