Crypto Faucets: My go-to list that build my Crypto holdings

bitcoinfaucetOver the last year or so I have experimented with various faucets as can be seen in a blog post that I have written previously.  For those that does not know what a crypto faucet is, here is a Wikipedia article on it.  Although they talk about Bitcoin, it applies to all crypto currencies.

Since I have written that post, the Bitcoin price and those of most other crypto currencies have skyrocketed which meant that you either get very little coins and/or the time for claiming has increased drastically. Also, faucet owners has started to use more and more advertising and in particularly short links for generating money to pay for the faucet coins.

Taking all this into account I decided that faucets is a waste of time except for using my spare time in only one way when it come to faucets.

My way of doing it.

I have decided only to use the “Moon” series of faucets since they work differently than normal faucets where one does not have to claim every certain amount of minutes.  One can claim when you decide too.

Best is to create an account on and then let each claim on your “Moon” site be paid to your Coinpot account. Then you have total control in when you want to withdraw from your Coinpot account and in what coin since Coinpot allow you to instantly convert between the coins they support.

Here is my list of “Moon” accounts that I use:

Currently, I accumulate Dash so on either a weekly or every 2 weeks I convert my Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dogecoin to Dash and then withdraw it to my own personal wallet, Exodus.

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