Earn Bitcoin and other Crypto – The Best of the Best – How do I do it?

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin are all the rage at the moment and the price is going up by the day.

Firstly you need a wallet that you control and personally keep your own private keys.  I do not recommend any online cloud-based wallet since you are not in control of your keys and they can run off with your coins. I personally use Exodus which is a multi cryptocurrency wallet that you install on you own machine.  You can find it here: https://www.exodus.io/releases/

To get your hands on these you have 3 options:

  • Buy it on some exchange like Luno or Coinbase
  • Earn it by getting paid in one or other Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin
  • Or accumulate small amounts via what is called Faucets, basically, every couple of minutes visit a site, look at some adds and then complete a captcha to prove you human.

I follow the 3rd option and although the amounts are small they build up and accumulate over time which in a couple of years with the increase in price might be worth a small fortune.  Through trial and error, I have put together the following list that works and payout on a continuous basis.

There are 2 ways (I use both) the coins you collect can be withdrawn to your own wallet.

  • Directly from the applicable site to your own wallet
  • Or via a micro-wallet which is called a faucet hub.  So all your “earnings” are sent to the faucet hub and when you reach a certain value of coins you withdraw that to your own wallet.

Let’s first share the direct faucets I use to collect:

Bitcoin BTCClicks http://btcclicks.com/?r=16c009f6
Bitcoin Freebitco.in https://freebitco.in/?r=4155657
Dogecoin Freedoge.co.in http://freedoge.co.in/?r=854177
Bitcoin Moon Bitcoin http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=749b9006e744
Litecoin Moon Litecoin http://moonliteco.in/?ref=e1b24b9d12ee
Bitcoin Moon Dogecoin http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=8a801568b8d1
Bitcoin BTCVic http://btcvic.com/r/8f1825786c05a60bcc14
Bitcoin Bitter.io http://bitter.io/?r=595121

Now let’s look at the faucets that make use of a faucet hub and do not pay you directly.  First, you need to register at a faucet hub and I highly recommend FaucetHub. They support multiple cryptocurrencies and even allow you to exchange those crypto’s you do not want for Bitcoin.  You can withdraw on a daily basis to your own wallet should you have reached the withdrawal minimum.

Bitcoin Bagi https://bagi.co.in/bitcoin/?ref=17574
Blackcoin Bagi https://bagi.co.in/blackcoin/?ref=581
Litecoin Bagi https://bagi.co.in/litecoin/?ref=17649
Peercoin Bagi https://bagi.co.in/peercoin/?ref=568
Dogecoin Bagi https://bagi.co.in/dogecoin/?ref=16294
Dashcoin Bagi https://bagi.co.in/dashcoin/?ref=566
Bitcoin Bigbtc http://bigbtc.win/?id=1336526
Bitcoin Loanbtc http://ioanbtc.com/?r=157mqZryfcfvDnYTLbdgpEvPfrSMG7BfKs
Bitcoin Mafiacoins http://www.mafiacoins.net/?r=157mqZryfcfvDnYTLbdgpEvPfrSMG7BfKs
Blackcoin Blackcoinfaucet http://blackcoinfaucet.com/?r=BA8SgQ9BGcqjBgNYHFm3boHkQkKLWujcx5
Bitcoin BTCForeveryone http://btcforeveryone.xyz/?r=157mqZryfcfvDnYTLbdgpEvPfrSMG7BfKs
Dashcoin Dashfaucet http://dash-faucet.com/?r=XcUQvhCyJWqRhK6grEz5nQ3JYe3AAR6jS1
Dogecoin Dogefaucet http://doge-faucet.com/?r=DE7mdZM5j1vDTrsiNSZw7ue9DAMvVYdXXZ
Litecoin Litecoinfaucet http://litecoin-faucet.com/?r=LLJHEFbPw1c9ZVh58yCBMhVGrf8iBPQvKd
Peercoin Peercoinfaucet http://ppc-faucet.com/?r=PKJpKv9wuLcj4pV7CP3pwvbnaQhLDtC9hc
Dogecoin Multifaucet http://ecards.nijahosting.com/multifaucet/index.php?r=DE7mdZM5j1vDTrsiNSZw7ue9DAMvVYdXXZ
Dogecoin Cryptotheme http://ecards.nijahosting.com/cryptotheme/index.php?r=DE7mdZM5j1vDTrsiNSZw7ue9DAMvVYdXXZ
Litecoin Nija http://ecards.nijahosting.com/litecoin/index.php?r=LLJHEFbPw1c9ZVh58yCBMhVGrf8iBPQvKd
Litecoin Litecoinforfree http://ecards.nijahosting.com/litecoinforfree/index.php?r=LLJHEFbPw1c9ZVh58yCBMhVGrf8iBPQvKd
Peercoin Peercoinforfree http://ecards.nijahosting.com/peercoinforfree/index.php?r=PKJpKv9wuLcj4pV7CP3pwvbnaQhLDtC9hc
Litecoin Catcatyfaucet http://ltc.catcatyfaucet.xyz/?r=LLJHEFbPw1c9ZVh58yCBMhVGrf8iBPQvKd
Dogecoin Catcatyfaucet http://catcatyfaucet.xyz/?r=DE7mdZM5j1vDTrsiNSZw7ue9DAMvVYdXXZ

Lastly, some prove that this works and the payouts I have received over the last couple of weeks:

Date Faucet Crypto Amount
2017-03-21 ClaimBTC* BTC 0.00025000
2017-04-09 Moon Dogecoin 157.33000000
2017-04-09 Moon LTC 0.00617960
2017-04-10 Freebitco.in BTC 0.00052658
2017-04-16 Moon BTC 0.00033931
2017-04-16 Moon Dogecoin 308.93000000
2017-04-16 Moon LTC 0.01141752
2017-04-16 Freedoge.co.in Dogecoin 1,282.25
2017-04-22 BTCClicks BTC 0.00029976
2017-04-23 Moon Dogecoin 359.72000000
2017-04-23 Moon LTC 0.01315813
2017-04-24 Epay* LTC 0.00398752
2017-04-29 Epay* Dash 0.00210870
2017-04-29 Epay* Dogecoin 38.00000000
2017-04-29 Epay* Dogecoin 33.00000000
2017-04-29 Epay* LTC 0.00149983
2017-04-30 Moon BTC 0.00044225
2017-04-30 Moon Dogecoin 293.44000000
2017-04-30 Moon LTC 0.00856130
2017-04-30 Freebitco.in BTC 0.00039882
2017-05-02 FaucetHub Dogecoin 70.53800000
2017-05-03 Epay* Dogecoin 31.00000000
2017-05-05 Epay* LTC 0.00409725
2017-05-07 Moon Dogecoin 210.56000000
2017-05-07 Moon LTC 0.00786295
2017-05-07 Freedoge.co.in Dogecoin 800.35000000
2017-05-08 BTCClicks BTC 0.00014805
2017-05-08 FaucetHub Dogecoin 92.89000000
2017-05-10 Epay Dash 0.00146273
2017-05-10 Epay LTC 0.00315979
2017-05-11 Epay Dogecoin 67.00000000
2017-05-14 Moon BTC 0.00033581
2017-05-14 Moon Dogecoin 179.44000000
2017-05-14 FaucetHub Dogecoin 26.96000000
2017-05-14 Moon LTC 0.00638698
2017-05-20 FaucetHub Dogecoin 59.19000000
2017-05-21 Moon Dogecoin 161.08000000
2017-05-21 Moon LTC 0.00661468
2017-05-21 Bitter.io BTC 0.00010271
2017-05-21 Freebitco.in BTC 0.00036252
2017-05-22 Freedoge.co.in Dogecoin 233.65000000
2017-05-25 ClaimBTC* BTC 0.00054000
2017-05-28 Moon BTC 0.00028726
2017-05-28 Moon LTC 0.00719755
2017-05-29 FaucetHub Dogecoin 111.52500000
2017-06-02 BTCClicks BTC 0.00016486
2017-06-03 FaucetHub Dogecoin 109.19500000
2017-06-03 FaucetHub LTC 0.01091000
2017-06-03 FaucetHub BTC 0.00021700
2017-06-04 Moon Dogecoin 166.82000000
2017-06-04 Moon LTC 0.00759943
2017-06-04 Freedoge.co.in Dogecoin 99.06000000
2017-06-11 Moon BTC 0.00026847
2017-06-11 FaucetHub BTC 0.00020220
2017-06-11 FaucetHub Dash 0.00104200
2017-06-11 FaucetHub Dogecoin 158.82500000
2017-06-11 Moon LTC 0.00762725

Note: ClaimBTC and ePay (also a faucet hub) has been removed from my list since they have stopped paying and I do not trust them anymore so do not recommend them.

If you have working trustworthy faucets and can recommend it then please leave a comment below.

If you like and want to Donate Bitcoin: 1MTxuhwdukc9kAiaqjEocMbvjVTCwdKXaT

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