Receive and Manage International payments with Payoneer

International payments with PayoneerYou are a freelancer or a business that needs to receive payments from anywhere in the world no matter where you are.  As business is more global than ever, clients and partners can be based anywhere. This creates numerous challenges dealing with transactions abroad. Whether you’re a freelance web designer, web developer, blogger, or making big bucks in e-commerce, you need a better way to send and receive funds. You also need to be able to easily transfer that payments to your own bank account in your local country and your local currency. Look no further than Payoneer to receive and manage international payments.

Need a better payment solution?

Do you have reservations about paying people abroad? Of course you do—unless you’re OK with it.  And if you are, please hurry up and wire $10,000 to my Payoneer bank account (yes you will receive your own bank account) because I been trying to track you down so you can claim your $10,000,000 inheritance. Thanks!

When it comes to freelancing on the web, you really need to consider serious matters like compliance with local laws, taxation, payment verification, and security of your account. And that’s just for a single payment. Complex stuff if you need to do each step one at a time.

Not only that, but certain companies often charge high fees to transfer funds and take a cut from exchanging currency. Then, these companies can make you wait and wait to confirm you’ve paid the recipient or got paid yourself. With Payoneer you can easily receive and manage international payments.

Web professionals deserve better.

How do I start to receive and manage international payments?

This  tip is a payment solution geared towards freelancing professionals called Payoneer. Millions of freelancers are using this to manage payments easier than ever before. There’s no need to worry about high fees, missing payments, or long delays. Payments can be sent to recipients, who can have the money loaded into their local bank account, debit card, or e-wallet. You can also get paid this way too. Simple and easy enough. It’s used in over 200 countries, and provides easy currency transactions. And the best part: receiving or sending payments to another Payoneer user is free! The nice folks at Payoneer have provided a special signup for $25 in free credit for my readers.

When you have signed up the also apply for you free Payoneer issued Mastercard Debit card which you can use at any establishment around the world that accepts Mastercard Debit cards and even draw cash from most ATM’s.

I love helping you grow your online dreams and are happy to support you with tools for a flexible and profitable online business.

receive and manage international payments


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