All in One Domain name registration and WordPress hosting.

all in one domain nameNeed a new all in one domain name, well I am your man. Now you might ask why you should use me for you domain requirements. I know that you can do it yourself or get some other company to do it for you but they will make you jump through some hoops and have some automated process doing it for you.  With me everything is manually done by me, I will do the following for you:

  • Register your domain name on one of my Name Servers, no need for you to go find one. You just pick a domain name and on of the extensions from the list below.
  • I will setup your hosting on one of my servers with a major hosting provider.  You have unlimited bandwidth available for your website.
  • I will install basic WordPress site for you and supply you with the login details so you can manage you own WordPress site.
  • I will setup as many email addresses as you want as part of the setup. These can either be POP3/IMAP email addresses or email addresses that autoforwards to any email address you want.
  • As and when you need more email addresses or delete existing ones, I will do that for you during the course of the year at no additional cost.
  • I will ensure that your domain name and hosting is renewed in time every year.  You just pay the renewal fees as listed below. I will invoice you with the required amount to pay well in advance.

So what do I need to do to get you all in one domain name:

  • You need to tell me the all in one domain name you want.  You can send me your requested domain name by competing this contact form.
  • I will check whether the domain name is available.  If so then I will issue you with an invoice of the required amount to pay for the first year of registration.  Payment can be made by any of the following:
    • Electronic Funds Transfer into my bank account, banking details will be on the invoice.
    • VISA or Mastercard Credit card payment via Payoneer, instruction will be on the invoice.
    • Payment via Snapscan in South Africa, QR code will be on the invoice.
  • When payment has been received and confirmed then I will setup WordPress hosting and any email addresses you might need within 24 hours.

Domain list and costs:

TLD First Year (ZAR) First Year (USD) Second Year Onwards (ZAR) Second Year Onwards (USD) R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
xyz R289,00 $21,00 R239,00 $17,40
joburg R350,00 $25,40 R300,00 $21,80
durban R350,00 $25,40 R300,00 $21,80
capetown R350,00 $25,40 R300,00 $21,80
com R277,00 $20,10 R227,00 $16,50
net R277,00 $20,10 R227,00 $16,50
org R277,00 $20,10 R227,00 $16,50 R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70 R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70 R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
co R590,00 $42,80 R540,00 $39,20 R409,00 $29,70 R359,00 $26,10
tv R1 009,00 $73,20 R959,00 $69,50
de R229,00 $16,60 R179,00 $13,00
eu R385,00 $27,90 R335,00 $24,30
me R649,00 $47,10 R599,00 $43,50
us R229,00 $16,60 R179,00 $13,00
asia R710,00 $51,50 R660,00 $47,90
mobi R289,00 $21,00 R239,00 $17,40
xxx R2 149,00 $155,80 R2 099,00 $152,20
travel R2 564,00 $185,80 R2 514,00 $182,20
info R241,00 $17,50 R191,00 $13,90
in R433,00 $31,40 R383,00 $27,80
biz R289,00 $21,00 R239,00 $17,40 R1 069,00 $77,50 R1 019,00 $73,90 R950,00 $68,90 R900,00 $65,30
name R277,00 $20,10 R227,00 $16,50
pw R241,00 $17,50 R191,00 $13,90
bar R1 430,00 $103,70 R1 380,00 $100,00
mu R2 150,00 $155,80 R2 100,00 $152,20
bz R650,00 $47,20 R600,00 $43,50
cash R529,00 $38,40 R479,00 $34,80 R470,00 $34,10 R420,00 $30,50 R470,00 $34,10 R420,00 $30,50 R470,00 $34,10 R420,00 $30,50 R830,00 $60,20 R780,00 $56,60
ink R650,00 $47,20 R600,00 $43,50
rest R830,00 $60,20 R780,00 $56,60 R830,00 $60,20 R780,00 $56,60 R830,00 $60,20 R780,00 $56,60 R590,00 $42,80 R540,00 $39,20
wiki R590,00 $42,80 R540,00 $39,20
host R1 670,00 $121,10 R1 620,00 $117,40
website R554,00 $40,20 R504,00 $36,60
site R674,00 $48,90 R624,00 $45,30
party R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
design R950,00 $68,90 R900,00 $65,30
fans R1 310,00 $95,00 R1 260,00 $91,40
feedback R590,00 $42,80 R540,00 $39,20
love R590,00 $42,80 R540,00 $39,20
rent R1 310,00 $95,00 R1 260,00 $91,40
space R289,00 $21,00 R239,00 $17,40
tech R950,00 $68,90 R900,00 $65,30
bid R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
trade R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
webcam R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
cricket R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
science R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
review R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
faith R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
accountant R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70
loan R155,00 $11,30 R105,00 $7,70

Go ahead, what do you have to loose, contact me and get your new all in one domain name and hosting today.

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