TouchPal Android Keyboard

While browsing Twitter yesterday, I came accros a Swype like keyboard for Android called TouchPal.  It is free in the Android Market and I installed it and started using it.

I was immediately impressed with how it works.  It seems much more accurate and responsive than Swype and I just prefer the overall interaction with it. I like the little switch on the space bar to switch Prediction on and off.  English is not my home language so prediction can be a real pain.  The only drawback at the moment is that I could not find a Afrikaans (my home language) language pack for it. 

It even has Voice input and recognition but I have not really tried this so not sure how good this works.

It is fairly customizable and lots of settings that you can set.  The defaults works just great.

For the time being this will be my preferred and default keyboard.  Here is a screenshot of me using it in Tweetdeck (my other favourite app at the moment)

My handset details:

Handset:  HTC Desire (yes the original from a couple of years back)

Android:  Version 2.2 (Rooted ROM .. just did not had the need to upgrade)

Give it a try, you will not be sorry 🙂


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