Android Favorite apps – Part 1 – TV Shows Favs

I have been using Android for almost 2 years already, currently own a HTC Desire running Android 2.2.  This is a series of blogs that share my favorite Android apps which I use on a daily basis.  

Lets start off with TV Show Favs.  I love watching TV Series and this is the app I use to keep track of what is shown on a daily basis and what I have watched and what is still in my queue to be watched.

This is what the home screen look like:

TV Show Favs home screen

The Schedule menu option list what will be coming up on a daily basis and also what one has recently watched and what is still in the queue to be watched.  Here is what the schedule screen look like.

TV Show Favs - schedule screen

As can be seen from the above, I have a fair amount of TV shows I like to watch but to be honest, do not get the time to watch them all.  At least they pile up on my media centre for those cold and wet rainy weekends.  In a future post I will cover my ,media centre setup — yes all running on Open Source software.

So if you have Android and like to keep track of your TV Shows then get TV Shows Favs .. you will not be sorry.

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